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About Regent Wealth Management

We don’t have to tell you that men and women are different, but nowhere are the differences more apparent than in money and finance. That’s why we created our Woman’s Worth® program. This platform focuses on working with women; we understand the emotional and even the physical health issues that women face when dealing with finances. We can help.

Our range of financial services is designed for each unique woman we serve. Sometimes you just need the facts. Sometimes you want someone to rejoice with. Sometimes you may need a shoulder to cry on. You will find all that and more at Woman’s Worth®.

We invite you to explore the services described on this site and make use of the information we offer. More importantly, just know that we’re here. We can give you a renewed outlook on the life of the complete woman: mind, body, soul — and pocketbook. Your Financial Independence Awaits®.

C. Brieanna Mason

Brieanna Mason has a degree in international business and education. Throughout her career, she has worked in business development, sales management, marketing, education and client relations. Brie is a true “Jane of all trades.”

Brie’s skillset is built for being the chief operating officer, as she is capable of keeping her finger on the pulse of day-to-day activities and overseeing the company’s operations and development. Brie’s role as an advisor developed organically from her love of helping people.

Her residence at Regent Wealth Management, now including Woman’s Worth®, comes from the same place as Regent Wealth Management’s partners, Don Bergis and Jared Elson. She shares their passion for providing advice rooted in planning for a fruitful retirement. Brie has a special understanding of the unique financial needs of women. She knows they’re underserved by Wall Street and the financial industry. Her introduction of Woman’s Worth® to the Bay Area will help her serve women in all situations and stages of life.

Growing up in Aptos, California, Brie spent her childhood watching the Brady Bunch, skateboarding and surfing. At age 12, she discovered that she had a special talent for artistic roller skating and went on to compete at a national level.

Her early interests in international business led her to attend college in San Francisco and later London, when she attended the London School of Economics and Political Science. Here, she helped write policy on trade for the European Union, then known as the European Economic Community [EEC].

Brie and her family live in Willow Glen, California. She has two teenagers to whom she is devoted. The family also has three rescue dogs — they have to stop themselves from bringing home more! They also volunteer locally to support victims of human trafficking and various charities that help local children. The family also loves trips to the beach, golf, paddle boarding, biking and art.